Shower Enclosure

Frameless Shower Door Repair Install Denver is a trusted name in Denver for over 10 years. Our Denver facilities are the source for creating thousands of shower enclosures for general contractors, tiled experts and direct house owners. Our professional and personal approach has earned an excellent reputation in our community, as well as the A + accreditation of Better Business Bureau. Check our website and see unlimited possibilities. We are one of Denver's oldest and most reliable sources for all kinds of shower enclosure. In addition, we professionally install what we sell. When you're ready to receive a complimentary in-home estimate, contact us by phone or on our contact page. Remember, if you can build it, we can install it.

Why choose us?

Technical Support

Our designers have seen everything; from the ѕmаllеѕt ѕіnglе dооr to a multi panel custom аnglеd frаmеlеѕѕ steam room enclosure. We can help you create the doors that perfectly match your opening.

Professional installation

Our installation experts are trained and certified to install any type of shower enclosure. You can expect the best service and attention to detail when installing new your showers enclosure.

Instalation Kit

From measurement to installation, we have your support. Our DIY installation process gives you control for easy design and installation of your own non-framed showers enclosure.

Zero Fabrication

Our top-of-the-line manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest glass manufacturing machines. Your shower enclosure is shipped to you pre-frabicated and ready for installation. We provide the best quality glass and equipment at the lowest price.

Enhance the beauty of a new tiles or natural stone with the simple elegance of frameless shower enclosure. Each of them is made of high-quality tempered glass, a strong brass with a casing of your choice, pure vinyl profiles for a contemporary look and is protected by a watertight seal. Call today and we will help you design an enclosure that best complements your recently completed project in 3 days!